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Creative alias names


creative alias names

Lowie Anthropologist American ethnologist 12-Jun-1883 21-Sep-1957 Bernard Lown Doctor Inventor of defibrillator, peace activist 07-Jun-1921 - Jessica Lowndes Actor Adrianna Tate-Duncan on Nov-1988 - William. Larson Business President of Bentley College. 1962 - Jacques Loeb Doctor Investigator of artificial parthenogenesis07-Apr-1859 11-Feb-1924 Lisa Loeb Singer/Songwriter Stay (I Missed You) 11-Mar-1968 - Solomon Loeb Business Co-Founder of Kuhn, Loeb and. 1954 - Larry Levenson Business Founder of Plato's Retreat. 1944 - Michelle Leslie Model Australian model arrested for ecstasy 1981 - Brock Lesnar Wrestling WWE Champion at age 25 12-Jul-1977 - Ferdinand de Lesseps Architect Built the Suez Canal 19-Nov-1805 07-Dec-1894 Len Lesser Actor Uncle Leo on Seinfeld 03-Dec-1922 16-Feb-2011 Marvin. Lange Astronomer Cosmologist, astrophysicist at Caltech 23-Jul-1957 22-Jan-2010 Artie Lange Comic MADtv, Howard Stern 11-Oct-1967 - Christian Lange Activist Peace activist, Nobel Prize recipient 17-Sep-1869 11-Dec-1938 David Lange Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, Aug-1942 13-Aug-2005 Dorothea Lange Photographer Depression-era photographer 26-May-1895 11-Oct-1965. Lipton Business CEO of nova Chemicals, Jul-1942 - Martin Lipton Attorney Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen Katz 22-Jun-1931 - Peggy Lipton Actor Julie Barnes in The Mod Squad 30-Aug-1946 - Lisa Lisa Singer Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam 15-Jan-1967 - Mark Lisanti Blogger Los Angeles gossip monger. 1971 - William Lipscomb Chemist Chemical bonding 09-Dec-1919 14-Apr-2011 Seymour. Such pseudonyms are often adopted by military special forces soldiers, such as members of the SAS and other similar units, resistance fighters, terrorists, and guerrillas. Loken Judge 8th Circuit Court of Appeals 21-May-1940 - Kristanna Loken Actor Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 08-Oct-1979 - Mary Ann Van Lokeren Business Krey Distributing Company. Judge Justice, Alabama Supreme Court 06-Dec-1940 - Eugene Lyons Author Anti-Communist Editor of American Mercury 01-Jul Joseph Lyons Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, Sep-1879 07-Apr-1939 Bernard Lyot Astronomer Sandstorms on Mars 27-Feb-1897 02-Apr-1952 Jean-François Lyotard Philosopher Founder of Postmodernism 10-Aug-1924 21-Apr-1998 Trofim Lysenko. Lewent Business CFO of Merck. Likins Educator President, University of Arizona, Rose. Lauder Business US Ambassador to Austria, Feb-1944 - William Lauder Business CEO, Estée Lauder. Labrecque Business CEO of Chase Manhattan, Sep-1938 16-Oct-2000 Bruce LaBruce Film Director The Raspberry Reich 03-Jan-1964 - Neil LaBute Film Director In the Company of Men 19-Mar-1963 - Patrick Labyorteaux Actor. Loeb Business Third Point LLC. 1960 - Nia Long Actor Third Watch 30-Oct-1970 - Oren. See also edit Room (2010, 3). 8 Literature edit A young George Sand (real name "Amantine Lucile Dupin A pen name, or "nom de plume" (French for "pen name is a pseudonym (sometimes a particular form of the real name) adopted by an author (or on the author's behalf by their. creative alias names


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Love Attorney Locke Liddell Sapp. A collective name or collective pseudonym is one shared by two or more persons, for example the co-authors of a work, such as Ellery Queen, Nicolas Bourbaki. Lardy Economist creative alias names Senior fellow, Institute for International Economics. 1944 - Patrice Lumumba Head of State First Prime Minister of Congo 02-Jul-1925 17-Jan-1961 BarBara Luna Actor American character actress 02-Mar-1939 - Bigas Luna Film Director Jamón, jamón 19-Mar-1946 - Diego Luna Actor Y tu Mamá También 29-Dec-1979 - Jimmie Lunceford Jazz Musician Jimmie Lunceford.