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Special thanks go to Mike Stenson, Ned Dowd, Bruce Hendricks and of course the man himself: Jerry Bruckheimer. 18 February 2016 Recording for The Knights of the Apocalypse has started. 5 December 2001 Mark Ryan (Nasir) will on the ABCsoap opera "General Hospital" starting December 13th. Clive worked tirelessly throughout the filming and battled for two whole days with Stellan to complete this bloody and dramatic fight. The Locations Trip on Sunday went to Lacock Abbey. Robin was mentioned on last nights programme, it had about 6-10 minute slot which wasn't bad. Etwork has increased its production of the complete RoS DVD set for ntsc/Region to 2500. florijn casino promo code


Hotel Mazagan Beach Resort à El Jadida par. There is a project for a two-part TV movie ( not a complete new series) called RoS: The Reward. At this moment we can confirm the following details of series 1 discs: Episodes 1-3 will appear on disc 1, episodes 4-6 on disc. It seems that the extra bonus disc (which includes the "Electric Theatre Show" outtakes and rushes from 'Robin the Hooded Man' Clannad promo) that is currently included in the boxed sets of the RoS DVDs won't be available anymore in the near future. 15 November 2007 Issue 21 (September 2007) of RoS fanzine Tales of Sherwood Forest is out. Wright has taken part in a Canadian radio documentary on Robin Hood that is scheduled to air on October 8th Canadian Thanksgiving Day) on CBC Radio.